New Night Vision Optics from EOtech!


EOTech has always been in the forefront of red dot sight and laser sight conception, and now they have mastered a cornerstone previously untouched by their expanding business stronghold. With half of our lives in the dark, tactical professionals and military specialists rely on scopes that can provide the luminescence to protect our country. With such an unparalleled demand for night vision scopes, OpticsPlanet is proud to unveil the newest line of night vision products from EOTech that are sure to force the competition into submission.

EO Tech the sixth largest defense company in the United States and is a leader and prime defense contractor in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), so it is only natural to venture into the darkness and manufacture high quality night vision sights. Expect to see cataclysmic results from their expansion into this realm, as their patented holosight construction technology stands as a pioneer in the optics industry. EOTech red dot scopes have always been the premier choice for law enforcement agents and come standard in military gear packs. EO tech night vision looks to be regarded in a similar light. With ground-breaking products like the EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight 550, the winner of the Widest Field of View Brilliance Award from OpticsPlanet, and the new M953 Night Vision Gen 3 Binocular, EO tech is quickly becoming a tsunami-like force in the optics industry. Their Gen 3 Night Vision Monocular alone sets the stage for things to come from the brand.

Be the first in your division to own an Eotech night vision product and literally see your evening aggressors cower with intimidation. These sights offer the widest nighttime viewing range available, with strengths that are comparable to the latest generations of other nightvision devices. As always, OpticsPlanet leads the pack in night vision innovation, and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, free shipping, and customer service that will have you calling us on your free time, may turn into your only resource for laser sights, scopes, and night vision gear.

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