5.11 5-in-1 Jacket Shatters Conventional Outerwear

There is a saying among mountaineers, spelunkers, and winter sports enthusiasts that no such thing as bad weather exists, just improper attire. 5.11 Tactical, the renown leader in properly outfitting both heroes and samaritans, has raised the bar to the summit of outfitting excellence. 5.11 Jackets are known for their unwavering functionality, relentless quality, and never-failing protection against nature’s worst. Despite the wide array of legendary 5.11 tactical products, no 511 outerwear has captured the imagination of this country like the 5.11 5-in-1 jacket.
The diversity of climate on earth is astounding and each climate requires a unique set of garments to survive, let alone prosper. The 511 5 in 1 Jacket 48017 is the very embodiment of the ultimate versatility necessary to endure the world’s harshest climates and live to tell about them. In its fullest form, this 5.11 Jacket features unparalleled warmth adequate for Alaskan adventures, Siberian treks, and Patagonian undertakings. But, the 5-in-1 jacket from 5.11 is not meant solely for the cold. In milder climates and circumstances, or after you have worked up a sweat, this 511 Jacket completes its metamorphosis into a fleece by shedding the outer jacket component and leaving you with a comfortable yet warm fleece. Detach the hood and fleece sleeves for a breakthrough fleece vest for maximum dexterity. Redefine the right to bare arms.
Don’t let the cold leave you breathless. Let the excitement experienced from this 511 Tactical Jacket leave you speechless. The best place online to buy 511 tactical products including the 511 Tactical 5-in-1 Jacket 48017 is Optics Planet which offers the lowest prices, the widest selection of 5.11 apparel, and the most helpful customer service staff in the industry. Remember, the 5.11 5 in 1 coat is unisex so it makes the perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day.

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