Steiner 10×44 Peregrine XP Binoculars

Steiner 10×44 Peregrine XP Binoculars made by one of the top manufacturers across all optics, Steiner Germany are designed for high-end use by hunters, birders, and scientific researchers across the world. Everytime I blog about Steiner Binoculars I would be remiss to not mention the incredible quality and innovation that Steiner Optik stands for. Coatings to block UV radiation, compasses integrated into binoculars- we have Steiner to thank for those features.

Lots of binoculars are made for “any purpose” but the Steiner 10×44 Peregrine Binoculars are made to be an excellent choice for any purpose. These binoculars are an Optics of the Year award winner in American Hunter Magazine. These roof-prism binoculars are housed in a high-pressure cast magnesium housing for maximum ruggedness. Steiner Peregrine Binoculars also feature a host of innovations: mirror coating to smooth out the light transmission throughout the optic, and nano hydrophobic lens coating which causes water on the lens to bead and roll right off. If you’ve ever used your binoculars in the rain, or on the water, you can immediately understand how useful that will be.

Typically binoculars of this magnification have 42mm objective lenses, but with 44m objective lens the performance of these premium binoculars in low-light situations is as good as it gets. High magnification also typically leads to a smaller field of view. Steiner German Optiks has managed to engineer these binoculars to provide as wide a field of view as possible- an angle of 6.25 degrees, or 328ft/1000 yards. Eye relief of 20mm and twist up eye cups, along with a teardrop design that allows the binoculars to fit snugly and comfortable and filter out sidelight makes these binoculars perfect for use with or without eyeglasses.

Once you’ve purchased your binoculars, you can rest easy knowing that Steiner provides a Limited 30 Year Warranty. These binoculars are an investment to further your enjoyment of the outdoors. There is so much beauty out there that you may not be seeing with budget binoculars- maybe today is the day to step up to a pair of Steiner Binoculars.

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