Cuddeback BearSafe Protective Case for Cuddeback Capture & Capture IR- Protect Your Investment!

The Cuddeback BearSafe Trail Camera Protective Case deals with the sworn enemy of all trail cameras: bears. It is a well known fact that bears love certain things above all else: honey, stealing picnic baskets, and destroying trail cameras. The mechanical noise, along with the odd appearance (and for some models, flash) piques the curiosity of a bear and leads to tragedy- when you return to your Cuddeback Trail Camera expecting to see where the biggest deer are you instead see your trail camera ripped from the tree, and possibly smashed to bits. If you are lucky, you’ll have some interesting pictures of a bear treating your trail camera like a chew toy. If you are unlucky… you’ll be out thousands of snapshots and need another trail camera. What good is a trail camera that isn’t pulling in snapshots of the wildlife? How can you let a bear determine your success?

So what exactly is a man to do? The answer is pretty simple: put a heavy-duty metal cage over your Cuddeback Capture trail camera. Nothing fancy or high-tech about it, just plain old rugged, durable, heavy-duty construction to protect your camera. That’s exactly what the Cuddeback BearSafe Protective Case for Cuddeback Trail Cameras does. The metal case fits your Capture/Capture IR Trail Camera snuggly and securely, and once you lag bolt it to a tree you can padlock it to make sure no bear ruins your off-season preparation. That’s it! The install is about as easy it gets, and there’s no risk that your Protective Trail Camera Case will be too small, or too big. You can rest easy knowing your Trail Camera will be snapping pictures and doing its job, so that your hunts are successful!

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