ATN Night Scout Night Vision Binoculars- Nowhere to Run or Hide

ATN Night Scout Night Vision Binoculars are fantastic Gen 1+ Night Vision Binoculars that offer top performance at a price right now under $500 (that is NOT a typo!) Offering 35,000 light amplification, you will be able to pick out details in a range of 75 yards without breaking a sweat.

Predator hunting? These are a perfect pair of hunting night vision binoculars. Paintballing? You don’t want to be the guy running around without ATN Night Vision to know where your opponents (and allies) are at all times. Security? See them before they see you, with security night vision binoculars. There are some cases where you don’t want to be giving away your position with a bright flash light… for that case, you are going to want a pair of binoculars from ATN.

These ATN Night Vision Binoculars come with a high resolution 1st generation intensifier tube. These technological innovations are why ATN has some of the best Gen 1 Night Vision Devices on the market! To save battery life, ATN has built in a proximity sensor- if you are not using it or holding it in a viewing position, it will shut off. Now that’s brilliant! The heavily coated 90mm lenses bring in as much ambient light as possible. As we all know, night vision functions best with plenty of ambient light, such as during a full moon, and the ATN Night Scout was built to capitalize on that light. Well, what about a new moon, or a cloudy night? The Night Scout’s built-in IR illuminator will provide the infrared light you need to use your night vision binoculars.

ATN has been leading the forefront in night vision devices for years, and has garnered the respect and admiration of both us at Optics Planet and all the customers who have purchased ATN Night Vision Devices over the years. Be sure to check out our Deals of the Week too, you never know what will pop up at a great price!


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