Streamlight TLR-3: Small Package, Big Light

Streamlight, based in Eagleville, Pennsylvania is well known for making high-performance, rugged, reliable flashlights. Originally making a name for itself by manufacturing a 1 million candlepower flashlight for NASA in the 1960s, Streamlight has earned the respect of operators across a variety of professions: military, law enforcement, fire & rescue and security.

Streamlight Weapon Accessories combine the power and innovation of Streamlight LED Flash Lights with the convenience of being able to mount your light conveniently to your firearm. These weapon lights are not only useful as traditional flashlights, but are also extremely effective at disorienting your target so as to establish your control over a situation.

The Streamlight Compact Rail-Mounted TLR-3 Weapon Light is one of the smallest and most powerful weapon mounted flashlights ever made. Coming in at under THREE INCHES, the TLR3 packs 90 lumens/4,100 candela peak beam intensity. If you want a better idea of how large the Streamlight TLR-3 is, hold out your pinky finger. If you’re an average adult, your pinky finger is about 2.5 inches long. The TLR-3 is slightly longer than that. As you can imagine, it is perfect for mounting as a compact weapon light for a variety of handguns and pistols. And it is extremely light- with a CR2 battery (free with your purchase for a limited time!) installed the TLR-3 weighs only 2.32 ounces. For comparison, that’s about the same weight as a couple slices of sliced turkey. This Streamlight flashlight comes in a small package, but does not fail to deliver in the amount of light it provides.

Installation is easy! It comes with 5 interchangeable keys that are compatible with different makes/models of weapons. From a video on the product page, you can see the installation is basically as simple as it gets. This allows you to quickly mount it to any one of your firearms quickly and efficiently- you can always rely on your TLR3 to be at your side. And with a runtime of 1.5 hours at 10% output, the light will be shining on when you need it.

When it comes to Weapon Accessories there’s no better place to make your purchase on the web than Optics Planet. With our free shipping option, price match program, 30 day satisfaction guarantee and the fact that we are an authorized dealer for every product we sell, we are your one stop shop for all your firearm needs!

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