For School or Travel, Protect Your Computer with Pelican!

It’s a very exciting day here at GearExpert.  We’ve been looking forward to the release of Pelican’s Hybrid Luggage since we first took a look at SHOT Show in January.  The basic premise is a great one: combine the insane durability of a Pelican Waterproof Case with a softer, more comfortable backpack or suitcase.  The school year has started, and there are always business trips and other excursions where you need to have your laptop, tablet or ereader along.  The other great new Pelican Electronics Cases that debuted at SHOT Show were the Hardback Cases, which I wrote about in June and felt are fantastic for carrying your laptop or tablet, but those are really closer to being briefcases.  They’ll keep your electronics safe, but they’re not built for the same level of portability.  That’s where Hybrid Luggage comes into play.

Pelican ProGear U145

Pelican ProGear U145

If you’re looking for a bag that’s both economical and protective, take a look at the ProGear U105 and U145.  These two cases feature extra padding and an impact protected sleeve for tablets or laptops.  The U105 has a strong laptop frame inside that defends against bending and other day-to-day bumps that your laptop no doubt suffers.  These two bags have tons of extra space for other gear for school, so your pens, pencils and notebooks will all be easily transported.  There are plenty of straps and handles to make it a breeze to haul your gear.  These are perfect for travel too, as the size is right for getting what you need for a short vacation while stowing your laptop or tablet as well.  When you’re heading to the Caribbean for some much needed R&R, you’ll probably want your ereader along to read on the beach.  The U145 gives you just what you need.

Pelican U105 MOLLE Straps

Pelican U105 MOLLE Straps

I really like the added MOLLE straps on the side also.  I’m always needing to grab a pen, so having a couple on the outside of the bag is a great idea, and you can always attach other pouches that are compatible with MOLLE to the outside, so you get a great deal of versatility with the Pelican ProGear U105 and U145.

Pelican ProGear Elite U140

Pelican ProGear Elite U140

For a higher level of protection, you should check out the Pelican ProGear Elite line.  The Pelican ProGear Elite U100 was designed for city life.  You run around with a lot of people and hazards in big cities, often with your valuable laptop.  This backpack incorporates a crush-proof and waterproof laptop case capable of carrying most 15″ laptops and even 17″ Apple Laptops!  With this you won’t need to fret about your laptop getting wet and ruined in the rain, and if someone bangs into you the laptop won’t suffer for it.  That provides some peace of mind.  If you have homework or important business documents (or just an incredible high score on minesweeper) saved they’ll be okay.  But that’s just one facet of the bag.  It’s also a fully functional backpack.  Even in our modern world there’s still a need for notebooks and pens.  There’s more than enough room for all your school supplies here!  Plus, if you want to carry a water bottle or sweater there’s extra storage options for that!

Pelican ProGear Elite U100 Laptop Hard Case

Note how wide the Pelican ProGear Elite U100 Hard Case opens to allow you to stow your laptop.

Since you’ll have a bit of extra weight on your back, the ProGear U100 was built for comfort as well as durability.  The ergonomic back and padded straps will make it super comfortable to haul your gear all day.  This is a fantastic bag for school, work or hiking!  When you need a comfortable way to carry your laptop, the ProGear U100 is a fantastic option.

Pelican U140 Tablet Hard Case

The Hard Case inside the Pelican Elite U140 protects tablets, ereaders or netbooks!

Pelican also developed the ProGear Elite U140 for iPads, tablets and netbooks.  It’s almost identical to the ProGear Elite U100, but with a tighter fit to ensure your tablet doesn’t get jostled.  The U140 still provides the crush-proof, waterproof electronics case, comfortable straps and extra storage for more supplies.  The landscape for what type of tools you need in the educational and corporate worlds can be quite complex, so Pelican made sure there were Hybrid Luggage models for the various electronics you can use!

Whether you’re traveling through the airport, hiking through miles of woodlands or navigating the modern jungles of major cities, having a quality bag is essential.  Pelican is world renowned for their cases, so having a backpack with a tough Pelican Hard Case built-in for style, comfort and strength is a phenomenal way to carry your electronics and other gear.  Pelican is thinking forward and expanding their focus to provide cases for everyone.  Keep your laptop or tablet safe from damage with one of these new Pelican Hybrid Luggage Cases!

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