ATN Odin: Compact & Versatile Thermal Imagers

Goodbye clunky thermal imagers.  The ATN Odin is the smallest thermal imaging monocular system on the market. Although small enough to fit in my hand, the Odin still delivers as a premium optic. Expect sharp images: the Odin has the latest technologies in high-grade polymers that are used to create a Mil. Spec. grade thermal imaging scope that, from the outside, is identical to ATN’s PVS-14.

ATN Odin Thermal Imager

The ATN Odin Thermal Imager can fit in the palm of your hand, but gives BIG performance!

Lightweight (weighs less than a pound) and compact, the ATN Odin is perfect as a handheld monocular for spotting or scouting. And it is easily mounted on existing head gear, helmet mounts, weapon mounts, camera adapters and other items for the PVS-14.

ATN Odin

The ATN Odin can connect to helmets, firearms or be used handheld!

It also features a patent-pending technology called the VPT (variable pivot technology) that allows you to rotate the screen to match the angle of the imager. This piece of technology works great when mounted on a helmet or weapon, so the screen is always straight. No hands needed.

The ATN Odin is also available as a multi-purpose system that comes with a full suite of mounting options and other accessories.

This is a great product.  I’m sure the hog hunters down in Texas and those of you who love your nighttime hunts are drooling over this gadget. I’m just pretty impressed by this innovative piece of technology.

I would also like to point out that the manufacturer of the Odin, American Technologies Network Corp (ATN), is known for its cutting edge night vision optics and thermal imagers. ATN’s products are often used by the military and law enforcement. And surprisingly ATN’s products are built and developed right here in the USA.

Check out our interview with Steve, an ATN representative, at SHOT Show 2013 (see video above) for more information on the Odin.

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