FLIR Scout PS-32 Giveaway! What I’d Use It For

Flir Scout PS-32 Thermal imaging featured loves giving gear away – riflescopes, binoculars, and now, the FLIR Scout PS-32 Thermal Imaging Monocular! Just go to the product page there and enter your email address to enter for your chance to win one of these babies. I’ve tried one, and I can tell you – they’re a lot of fun. The contest ends August 5, so you’d better hurry!

Flir Scout PS-32 Thermal Imaging Monocular

Enter for a chance to win the FLIR Scout PS-32!

The PS-32 is equipped with selectable palettes including the InstaAlert that displays thermal signatures in bright red. The rechargeable battery will last you 5 hours – plenty of time to get your hunting down. This powerful thermal handheld¬†would be great for a whole lot of uses – hunting, hiking, and more. But that’s not all! Here’s my top 10 list for awesome things you could do with your FLIR Scout PS-32 Thermal Monocular – in order from most useful to most…”creative.”

1. Hunting – This is the obvious choice. The FLIR Scout PS-32 is the ideal hunting monocular. It packs away easily, has 5 hours of battery life, and the selectable palettes give you options in the field. I’d take one of these with me in a heartbeat, but they won’t let me enter the contest.

2. Hiking – Keep an eye out for bears, cougars, and other predators, find your way back to the campfire, and locate your hiking buddies. The FLIR Scout is a great hiking companion, whether you’re taking a short hike in the evening or will be on the trail for a week. Of course, you’ll need to charge the batteries – might I also recommend a solar charger?

3. Camping – The FLIR Scout PS-32 Thermal Monocular cuts through fog, dust, smoke, and more to bring you the most crisp, clean thermal signatures possible. It will also let you locate other campsites and make sure to maximize your distance from dangerous terrain.

4. Home Defense – Keep an eye out for intruders, as well as any bears that might’ve snuck up to your porch. What is it about bears today? I think I’m terrified they’re going to sneak up on me.

5. Detect Leaks – Is it feeling a little drafty in here? The FLIR PS-32 is great for pinpointing where the cold air is getting in.

6. Watching Livestock – When keeping predators at bay, it’s important to know where they’re coming from. Camp out with this FLIR monocular and you’ll track down those pesky mountain lions in no time. Or bears.

7. Hunting for Bigfoot – One of the many wonderful suggestions on the Optics Planet Facebook page, I couldn’t agree more. Bigfoot is a serious problem and represents a threat to national security. The FLIR Scout PS-32 Thermal Monocular may be just what we need to keep him in check.

8. Ghost hunting – I’m not sure if ghosts give off heat signatures, or if they’re unnaturally cold. Either way, I’ll feel safer knowing I’ve got a FLIR with me, just in case.

9. Detect “Gas Leaks” – This one speaks for itself, I think.

10. Just looking really cool – Win this FLIR Scout PS-32 Thermal Imaging Monocular, and you’re going to look really, really cool.

These are just a few suggestions. I’m sure there are many more – let me know if I’ve missed any, and head over to the FLIR Scout PS-32 product page and enter your email for a chance to win one!

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12 Responses to FLIR Scout PS-32 Giveaway! What I’d Use It For

  1. Chris Lynch says:

    Living in South Carolina, the woods surrounding me and many other families are infested with wild boar. They do nothing but destroy crops, gardens, and even attack the occasional pet. I would use a FLIR to get one more step ahead of these boar during night hunts.

  2. Adan Salinas says:

    what will i do with my self..

  3. William Embrey says:

    I’m a Deputy for a Sheriff’s office in Wisconsin. Almost all of our equipment that we use ourselves must be purchased by the individual Deputy. Since I work third shift, the FLIR would be a great asset to me in my line of work. It would have an abundance of uses for me to include, but not limited to searching for perpetrators , lost children and old people with dementia, and accident victims that may have be thrown from vehicles. I could really use this device for work.

  4. Pete says:

    First line of defense. My job federal law enforcement.

  5. kennith urbano says:

    I want if and I need if for night hog hunting

  6. Lee Adelman says:

    I would use this to enjoy the immense amount of wildlife I never get to see before opening day. We get in early and I just sit in the cold and dark. It would be nice to occupy that time by looking at all of the neat animals out there, not just the big one I hope to hunt (although seeing that puppy wouldn’t hurt my feelings either). I would also use it to find my spot! At 50, I just can’t seem to remember exactly where I am supposed to be. Instead of the enevitable standing there with with “duh” in my heart, and “you stupid old man” in my head, I could get right where I am going. Please, help me not be a “duh-head”! Hook me up!

  7. DAVID wURLESON says:

    Looks like a fun toy to have.

  8. Charles Deaton says:

    I live out in the boonies ! Lots of wild animals and awesome things to see. I also hunt at night this unit is fantastic!

  9. Ronin McCloud says:

    This would be get kit for my gobag when I get my next deployment.You can’t really see through the sand and dust over here with the NVG’s we have now,but this being able to see heat in almost any situation, with the FLIR PS-32 it could save mine and my buddies lives.And that would be outstanding.

  10. Kenny says:

    Awesome product.. Heard many good thing about it

  11. Jonathan Duhon says:

    A device like this will help insure a healthy, safe environment for me, my family, and neighborhood.
    It would help with everything from leak detection to unwanted pests.

  12. tom k says:


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