Meade mySKY Devices are Finally Here – Get Yours Today!

We’ve waiting for a long time to finally get the Meade mySKY Personal Sky Exploration Guides in stock. And we are NOT sorry for the wait! Meade has truly perfected the sky navigation not only externally but also within. Don’t hesitate, place your order today and you will receive this remarkable new gadget at your door in no-time!

If you already have a telescope that is not capable of locating celestial objects by itself, you might want to consider buying the Meade mySKY GPS Connection Set cable. The mySKY cable will connect the Meade mySKY GPS navigation device to your Meade Computerized Telescope. The Meade GPS Connection Cable Set will work with any 494 Autostar or the 497 Autostar Telescope. You’ll be able to not only find the location of the sky object you want to see and learn cool facts, but also see the object in the sky with your own eyes through an eyepiece.

Buy the Meade mySKY GPS Device and the Meade mySKY Connection Cable together on this page and save!

This is an exclusive Meade mySKY accessory and will not work with the Celestron SkyScout Device.

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