GPS Navigation

GPS Navigation

Being lost is not fun, that’s why OpticsPlanet has become an authorized dealer for Gps and Gps Tracking consoles.  We offer competitive prices on all of our name brand gps systems such as Konus, Bushnell, and Garmin GPS. Any hunter, hiker, or busy parent would love to get their hands on a portable Gps or car GPS, and we are right here to guide you on your way.

A GPS system identifies your position by sending signals from a satellite orbiting the earth straight to gps units, and calculates the time it takes that signal to return to the satellite, all within a matter of seconds!  The gps map displays plenty of useful information such as driving directions, locations of landmarks, and travel times. Nowadays, many things utilized this technology such as fishfinders, PDAs, and even watches. GPS navigation can literally be in almost anything.

With low prices from OpticsPlanet, anyone can get their hands on a high quality Gps receiver; and with our assortment of gps accessories, you can customize and personalize your handheld GPS however you like.  This revolutionary gadget will remain a unique gift idea for years to come. 

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