The Compact Bushnell Backtrack

Bushnell Backtrack Personal Locator

Bushnell has always been a leading brand when it comes to binoculars and other optics gear, so it’s not a surprise that Bushnell Gps is quickly sprinting to the forefront of the gps arena.  The new Bushnell Backtrack illustrates a compact design combined with ingenious technology to make sure that you never get lost again.

The Bushnell backtrack is a GPS device that allows you to store three locations in its memory and acts like a digital compass to lead you to your destination.  The Backtrac can even estimate your ETA based on your speed.  All of this comes from a simple, yet streamlined interface that can fit in your pocket, purse, or almost anywhere.  Plus, there are many different custom combinations you can make due to the different color offerings of the Backtrack combined with different gps accessories.

The Bushnell backtrac comes in two different versions: a U.S. version and an international version.  Traveling around the world feels so much comfortable with the backtrack by your side.  Imagine the ease of walking around London, Buenos Aires, or even Barcelona, knowing exactly where you are going, and more importantly how to get back to your hotel!  Check out OpticsPlanet today and find out what else the Bushnell Backtrac can do for you.

OpticsPlanet is an authorized Bushnell dealer and offers a vast variety of Bushnell products such as rifle scopes, flashlights, night vision, telescopes, and even weather instruments. Head over to to see how technology from Bushnell is making life easier, and more fun!

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