Reflecmedia Chroma Key Technology


Reflecmedia is the company that has perfected the design and workflow of those infamous green and blue screens which we all see in movie and television production. Reflecmedia is the UK’s leading innovator of chroma key technology, the cutting edge technique that places a vivid image in the background of live footage. They are also the providers of Reflecmedia Tripod Accessories line, which harbors stability and safety in video and photography.

Commonly referred to as blue screen or even green screen, chroma key is the way two images are seamlessly combined to form one. The colored background is removed or made transparent depending on the workflow, and reveals another image. This technique has been used for decades in stage and screen, and has recently been converted into a new process utilizing ChromaFlex products, which are more portable and require only minimal lighting and support.

For a fraction of the cost of renting out a huge studio space or warehouse, you can create a full feature program or film that is only limited by your creativity. OpticsPlanet makes sure that your wallet is safe, and also your investment with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Bogen and Reflecmedia are proud to have OpticsPlanet represent their products to consumers worldwide.

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