Choose the Perfect Streamlight Stylus Penlight for Your Application

When you need a light, Streamlight is there. No, these handy flashlights will not help with a cigarette, but Streamlight Stylus Penlights can be used for any low-light application. Each of the waterproof Streamlight Stylus flashlights comes equipped with a high-intensity 100,000 hour LED, and all models offer multiple LED color options to accommodate the demands of every user.

Streamlight’s white flashlight is the best for all around use whether you’re in the car looking at a map or in your tent setting up the sleeping bag. The white and blue LEDs (ideal light for forensic and automotive applications) are available in the compact Streamlight Stylus Color Penlight, Stylus Black Penlight and Stylus Reach Penlight models. The Stylus Reach flashlight will allow you to really see into the dark crevices of an engine or behind a wall panel with its flexible 7″ extension cable making it the must-have light for industrial professionals and automotive hobbyists alike. < ?xml:namespace prefix = o />

If you’re equipped with night vision optics, then choose the Streamlight Stylus Black Penlight with an ultra-bright green or red LED as both light colors help preserve your night vision. The green flashlights are especially useful for hunters because they won’t spook game or attract insects. A red flashlight from Streamlight will provide optimum contrast for reading charts & maps at night and allow photographers to preserve natural shadows while taking pictures in the dark.

Streamlight has the perfect light for forensics investigators and tactical missions as well. The Stream light Stylus Ultraviolet LED model will help detectives find blood and bodily fluids in a crime scene. The great thing about having a Streamlight UV light is that it comes with a pocket clip for easy access and runs up to 60 continuous hours allowing you to catch criminals with counterfeit documents, ID’s and money on the spot wherever you are.

Whatever it is that you like to do in the dark (no, we don’t want to know), Streamlight Stylus Penlights will give you the light you need. The good news about getting one of these useful penlights from Optics Planet is that you still get the original manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. Even better news is that you can save 17 – 50% on these virtually indestructible, lightweight flashlights at OpticsPlanet right now! Don’t wait too long to get your hand on these pen lights as night will be upon you in just 12 hours (or less).

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