ATN Night Vision Monoculars Built for the Pros

ATN is a world renowned Night Vision Devices manufacturer. ATN Night Vision Monoculars, Binoculars and Rifle Scopes are made with some of the highest quality, military specification raw materials available. Additionally, ATN’s standing as a manufacturer allows them to source the highest quality imaging tubes. This combination of high-quality raw materials and top-of-the-line imaging tubes results in the ultimate heavy duty, professional grade Nightvision devices.

The ATN 6015-3 3rd Gen. Night Vision Monocular is a great addition to anybody’s tactical toolbox. Featuring advanced Gen. 3 tube technology, the ATN 6015-3 offers a resolution of up to 64 lp/mm and up to 50 hours of battery life so you know it will output a high-quality image when it counts. The ATN 6015 – 3rd Generation Night Vision Monocular (also available in Gen. 3A and Gen. 3P) is functional as a handheld monocular or helmet mounted device. For the ultimate in tactical performance, the ATN 6015 3rd Gen. Night Vision Monocular can also be weapon mounted.

ATN Nightvision is not all about the green either. Check out the ATN 6015-WPT featuring their proprietary ATN White Phosphor Technology. ATN WPT, tested and recommended by the NTOA, offers a much more natural looking night scene presented in Black & White with increased contrast and is capable of producing much clearer information on shapes and shadows.

When you buy any ATN Nightvision device featuring White Phosphor Technology (WPT), Receive a FREE ATN Javelin J125W HALOGEN Flashlight ($139.00 VALUE!). This ATN Tactical Flashlight offers a powerful 125 lumen halogen lamp and is designed for police, military, EMS or civilian use. Mount it on your weapon or carry it in-hand. The unique modular bezel can be used as an offensive weapon or use the bright 125 lumen light in darkness as a defensive tool to blind an assailant or intruder.

All ATN products come professionally packaged with a detailed instruction manual, necessary hardware and batteries. Most ATN Night Vision Devices are packaged in Mil-Spec waterproof, corrosion resistant, foam lined boxes.

ATN now offers an ATN Limited Lifetime Warranty. ATN Limited Lifetime Warranty details can be found on the ATN Limited Lifetime Warranty Page.

OpticsPlanet offers a wide variety of night vision devices for both civilian and tactical professional uses. Choose from 16 different brands such as ATN, Bushnell and Morovision and find the right night vision device for your needs. offers Fast & Free Shipping on all orders of $29.95 or more.

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