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Nothing escapes the eyes of a Steiner.  This is the best way to describe the selection of binoculars and binocular accessories from the German-based Steiner brand.  OpticsPlanet is an authorized dealer for Steiner products, so you know that you are preparing for a lifetime of precision.  Steiner optics rank amongst the most premier optical brands in the world, and back their products with over 50 years of success and engineering.
Steiner Germany was founded by Karl Steiner as Steiner Optik GmbH in 1947.  His steadfastness and passion for business allowed Steiner to expand from a one-man show to a more than 50-employee factory within 6 years, all during a post-war era.  The powerful backbone that was formed throughout its years of growth allows for Steiner to stand strong as the world’s leading company in binocular production in over 45 countries.
Steiner has held on to its origins and continues to surpass other binocular manufacturers, seen in the ubiquity of their innovations.  Many of their amazing contributions to the binoculars industry have become standard.  Rubber armoring, integrated compasses, and UV protected coatings are now all integral components of binoculars.  Check out the Steiner 10×50 Military R SUMR Binoculars that illustrate the best of their technology.  The newest innovation is a Predator lens coating that increases the contrast of animals against wooded backgrounds, perfect for hunters and field observation.
The bird-watching community remains faithful to Steiner binoculars, and in turn Steiner has consistently given back.  The Steiner Peregrine Birding Team helps identify the needs of professional and amateur birders and also supports public awareness, conservation, and habitat perseveration of our forests and plains.  Steiner brings much more to the table than just high quality binoculars; they are active in the binocular community and fostering an exciting future for avid wildlife fans.
Turn to OpticsPlanet for your next set of trusty Steiner binoculars.  They have a set for every use, from military binoculars, police binoculars, their spectacular Peregrine series, wildlife binoculars, and safari binoculars.  Whatever the occasion, Steiner has just the pair for you.  Get excited and preview the great selection of Steiner binoculars today!

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