ATN: Binoculars for Day and Night

ATN Binoculars

ATN is the hands-down leading provider of night vision devices and accessories, and it is known that their optics are unsurpassed in the military and tactical realm. What some consumers overlook is their ability to make pristine optics that operate in daylight encounters. Many tactical engagements happen under the afternoon desert sun, forcing our troops to rely on professional daytime optics. ATN night vision is already trusted by American troops stationed all over the world, and thankfully their experienced engineers have constructed both compact binoculars and standard binoculars that give our freedom fighters the edge on any insurgency.

This new ATN vision is born from the same mold as ATN night vision binoculars, ATN binoculars are fashioned with ruggedness in mind, and patriotism at heart. Donned as Omega binoculars, these hardened binoculars are as armored as the tanks that they are carried in. This durable construction allows them to be easily used during bird observation, boating, wildlife viewing, or camping. The ATN 7x30RF is the compact version of the ATN Omega Series that is technically advanced by nature. The RF stands for the built-in range finder that sights in the enemy with extreme precision. Nitrogen purged, waterproof, and O-ring sealed, these are the binoculars to use when concealment is the criteria. Moving up in objective lens size, the ATN 7x50C Omega Class binocular has a built in illuminated compass to keep complete tabs on your bearings at all times. The military binocular features multi-coated optics for superior light transmission and an individual diopter focus for clearer images.

ATN has an incredible assortment of products. Their riflescopes, spotting scopes, thermal imaging, and flashlights have all stunned the competition. ATN binoculars are just a small facet of what American Technologies Network Corp. has accomplished throughout their lifespan. knows the quality of ATN products, and is an authorized dealer of their full line. We are so confident that if you find the same item at a lower price, we will match that price plus an additional 2.5% off. We are the leaders in optics, and are proud to place ATN at the forefront of our store.

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