5.11 Tactical Presents the 5.11 Flash Jumpsuit for EMS

5.11 EMS Jumpsuit

When the action gets hot, 5.11 Tactical gear comes into full effect.  No other tactical gear manufacturer comes close to the innovation and rugged construction like 511Law enforcement professionals, fire departments, anti-kidnapping units, and undercover agents all depend on reliable 5.11 Tactical gear to keep them, cool, comfortable, and well protected.  Speaking of 5-11 heating up the mens and womens apparel industry, one of their most life-saving products continues to be a bestseller on the pages of OpticsPlanet.net.  The 5.11 Flash jumpsuit will be your bodyguard in the heat of the moment.
Every stitch of 5.11 clothing is built to offer lasting performance, durability and flexibility. Authentic 5.11 gear has a 30-year history serving every level of law enforcement, and consistently stood the test of time across the globe.  A tactical 5.11 garment such as the 511 jumpsuit only further displays the commitment to providing ultimate protection to fire and emergency response teams.  5-11 Tactical gear has been built with the direct involvement of EMS professionals from the start. Now, offering a full line of EMS gear, it is evident that their core values survive vicariously through every fiber and seam.
The Flash jumpsuit begins with fire retardant FR-x3™ twill fabric sown in such a manner that the utmost functionality is provided.  Your entire shift, be it 8 hours or 24, will be comforted by a long-lasting fitted jumpsuit that is triple-stitched and bartacked for extra durability.  One aspect that is often overlooked by many protective gear manufacturers is the need for tough reinforcement in the knee and elbow areas.  If you are crawling and dodging the fatal effects of smoke inhalation, worn-out, bruised knees should never be an issue.  Removable neoprene knee and elbow pads are included in the fire retardant jumpsuit, and could not be more appreciated by the force.  Sharing the design features of 5.11 TDU pants and 5.11 shirts, Backup Belt System™ compatible cargo pockets, hidden document pockets, and genuine YKK™ zippers and Prym™ snaps are standard additions in the EMS jumpsuit.
Fire retardant clothing is just one special segment of the offerings from 5 11 Tactical Gear.  Browse hundreds of their products and you will surely find the gear you need to outfit your entire force, and for less.  OpticsPlanet.com is an authorized dealer for all things tactical, and no one does tactical law enforcement apparel like 5.11.  Outfit the force today at OpticsPlanet.

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