Burris FullField Tactical Scopes Exceed Expectations

Burris Fullfield Scope

Staying true to the hardcore shooter, Burris Optics keeps consistency a part of your hunt. Their binoculars and rifle scopes are recognized as the most premier sport optics available, and continue to prove themselves more and more worthy of such an acclaim. Hunters that are passionate about their craft, along with law enforcement professional that put their lives on the line rely on Burris tactical scopes and Burris red dots. Their unique technical features outweigh those of the competition in their weight class. Robust inner workings combined with steel-on-steel construction makes for a durable Burris rifle scope that will be sighting in for years to come.

Severe duty requirements are not only the signs of a hardened tactician; they represent the core attributes of success. Fullfield TAC 30mm and Fullfield II Tactical 1″ scopes sport high quality lenses and glass and the highly efficient index-matched HiLume™ multi-coating on every lens surface to bring you a bright, clear, and high-resolution picture. The tube is spawned from aircraft-grade 6061T6 aluminum that is more dependable than the sun coming up. Add to that a double-spring tension and an industrial-sized ball-joint that secures the hand-fitted internal zoom assembly and your Burris scope is your trip to paradise. The adjustment systems are positive and repeatable with audible clicks, delivering unfailing shot-to-shot accuracy, no matter how serious the conditions or how serious the caliber of its fathering firearm.

Each scope is moisture-purged and injected with laboratory-grade nitrogen before the quad seals that are exclusive to Burris get to work. With a weight that is 25-50% less than other similar scopes, feel free to take this tactical rifle scope with you for that long hike or dawn-till-dusk elk hunt. Burris’ Forever Warranty keeps your decision to work with a Burris Fullfield one of the best in your life.

OpticsPlanet has teamed up with Burris to provide specialized scopes, binoculars, and mounts and bases to all avid hunters, sport shooters, and outdoorsman at great prices. Burris makes sure that your financial environment is in homeostasis and that the light is easily seen shining from our pages. Visit other Burris products such as the Burris Fastfire to see more of the innovation that propelled the brand to amazing heights. All of this and more at OpticsPlanet.com.

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