Law Enforcement Approved: 5.11 Tactical PC3.300 Light for Life Black Flashlight

5.11 Tactical is one of the top brands in tactical gear but did you also know that 5.11 makes the flashlights that many law enforcement and security professionals are using? Law enforcement flashlights need to be powerful, reliable, rugged, and built to minimize cost after purchase- that means not only does it need to be designed and engineered for performance in any condition, it cannot depend on costly batteries that need to be replaced. The 5.11 Tactical PC3.300 Light for Life Flashlight meets all those requirements, and this makes it one of the highest recommend products in the category of tactical and police flashlights.

The 5.11 53001 Flashlight recharges in 90 seconds, offering 2 offers of up-time in between charges (1 hour standard, 1 hour reserve mode.) There are NO batteries to replace for the lifetime of this product! The power system behind this 511 Tactical Flashlight is rated at 50,000 charge/discharge cycle. At a charge a day, it’ll take 135 years to wear the power system out. Want to use it non-stop for 24 hours, charging it every 2 hours? Well, it will last 12 years then. Pretty impressive!

Coming in at 16 ounces and 11.5 inches long, this flash light packs some serious punch with a peak output of 270 lumens! Standard mode offers an impressive 90 lumens and even in reserve mode you still get 25 lumens (useful for extending the usable time for your flashlight when you don’t need as much light.) In addition this 5.11 Light For Life Flash Light has quite the rugged design, making it temperature, water and impact resistant. With its premium LED flashlight technology, this flashlight is the one you will want to have by your side in any situation.

5.11 Tactical Flashlights ship via free UPS over $29.95- and on top of that there are no heavy metals used to make this product… making it an extremely environmentally friendly flashlight choice! Be sure to order your 5.11 Tactical PC3.300 Light for Life Flashlight today at Optics Planet today!

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