Smith & Wesson Score Big w/ Flashlights & Handcuffs

Smith & WessonDid you know that Smith & Wesson is one of the world’s most recognized brand names when it comes to weapon and weapon accessories? In fact, would you believe that most police departments around the world are using at least one weapon accessory manufactured by Smith and Wesson? Surprisingly, it’s actually true! Ever since their creation in 1852, their mission has been clear. That mission is to design and manufacture innovative weapons and weapons accessories that are unparalleled in the field of personal safety and protection.Here at OpticsPlanet we now carry a few select lines of Smith & Wesson weapon accessories including their handcuffs and flashlights. The Smith & Wesson flashlights that we carry include the Galaxy, Luxeon, Carabeamer and the Delta Force. These flashlights are incredibly versatile and are very power efficient. In fact, most of the bulbs on the Smith & Wesson flashlights can provide over 110,000 hours of brilliant white light. The Galaxy line of Smith & Wesson flashlights have become one of our hot sellers this year. Their popularity can be attributed to their utilization of innovative hybrid light technology. If it’s a powerful white beam that you demand no problem! All you have to do is activate the ultra-bright xenon bulb on the Galaxy, but if it’s energy efficient power that you desire then you can activate the LED light bulbs. No longer will you have to drain the battery life on your flashlight. The dual light technology will give you full control of the brightness and intensity needed for the job. Smith & Wesson also manufactures their own distinct line of handcuffs that have become incredibly popular among law enforcement agencies. Smith and Wesson handcuffs are fabricated from only the finest quality carbon steel products and are heat treated to prevent rust. If that’s not enough, all of the handcuffs that Smith and Wesson manufactures is also guaranteed to meet and exceed the United State National Institute of Justice’s industry specifications. This means they’ll be tested positive for workmanship, corrosion, tamper resistance and strength. OpticsPlanet is excited to carry these select products by Smith & Wesson. Browse our online store today to check out sweet deals on all Smith & Wesson handcuffs and Smith & Wesson Flashlights.

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