Sperian Protection For Workers

Sperian ProtectionDid you know that each year more than 4.1 million people in the United Stated suffer from a work related injury? That equals out to a worker dying almost every 15 seconds. Did you also know that most workplace injuries are 100% preventable? This is an interesting but scary statistic. Imagine if all of those victims had been wearing proper personal protection? Sperian Protection understands the importance of personal protection products and strives to protect men and women, around the world, who are exposed to every day work related risks. Their commitment to personal protection is what drives their momentum and what fuels the fire behind their innovative product designs. Sperian manufactures a variety of different types of personal protection products. Some of these products include safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, protective clothing and instrumentation. Sperian Protection applies their sound knowledge of personal protection to the environment’s that it’s customer’s work in and tries to serve them with a variety of different safety products. Their personal protective equipment is not only incredibly reliable, but is also engineered for comfort, performance, and aesthetics. This unsurpassed protection is what has led them to become the number 1 eye and face protection manufacturer and the second largest manufacturer of personal hearing protection. That’s very impressive! Sperian doesn’t take workplace safety for granted. They are truly dedicated to providing their clientele with only the best personal protection products in the industry. OpticsPlanet.com is excited to join forces with Sperian Protection to begin carrying some of their personal protection products via our website at incredibly affordable prices. Browse our selection of Sperian products today!

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