ATN Digital Ultra Sight Reflex Scope – Make it Quick with a Red Dot

The ATN Digital Ultra Sight Reflex Scope is a great value red dot sight from the makers of top night vision devices. ATN is well known for their night optics but its day-time optics are just as high quality and innovative.

The ATN Digital Ultra Sight Red Dot Sight features revolutionary MultiAim® technology that allows you to change the reticle style with a push of a button. Want a dot? Post? Open crosshair? Post with dot? Just push a button and cycle through the available reticles- you can have it all. There is no shift in the point of impact! ATN Red Dot Sights and all red dot scopes are designed to be parallax free.

What does that mean? Parallax free means you are shooting with both eyes open. This gives you a much wider field of vision and excellent peripheral vision, as you shoot heads up. Red Dots are also perfect for fast target acquisition, making them more and more popular for varmint hunting and sport shooting than traditional rifle scopes. Fitting a standard Weaver style base makes this reflex sight great for use with handguns, rifles, and even shotguns! Installation is quick and easy with two thumbnuts used for tightening to the base, affording greater stability.

Brightness controls are available, and your selected brightness will be saved into memory. There is also a bright light filter that increases the performance of this red dot sight in bright day time conditions. ATN also offers a limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that if you ever have any problems ATN Support will do everything it can.

What are you waiting for? Do you want to acquire your target quickly and accurately with a bargain product from a leading optics brand in ATN? Better make it quick and order on Optics Planet before these products are gone!

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