Streamlight Professional Tactical 2L Flashlight – Like a Pocket Sized Search Light!

The Streamlight Professional Tactical 2L Flashlight packs some serious light for such a small package. One of our top selling flashlights, the Streamlight PT 2L Flash Light is lauded by customers for the amazing performance you get from such a small light. At under 5 inches long, this flash light packs 180 lumens of darkness slicing power on its high setting. Think of it this way- that’s over 30 lumens per inch! If they put this kind of power in your traditional 10 inch flashlight you’d be talking about a 300 lumen flashlight!

This Streamlight Flashlight uses CR123A lithium batteries for performance and longevity. At peak operation/high setting, you will get 2.5 hours of run time out of this light. On strobe (did I mention it has a strobe function? It has a strobe function!) this flashlight can give you 6 hours of runtime. And on its low setting, still packing a useful 18 lumens? 33 hours of run time on two batteries. Now that’s economical!

The real beauty of this flashlight is not just the performance, not just the longevity and reliability, not just the size, but all of those characteristics being combined into one fantastic flash light. It is small enough to fit into your wife’s purse, but strong enough to use in a pitch black forest. As you’d come to expect from Streamlight, this unit is waterproof up to 1 meter. It’s designed to be rugged and resistant- as any true tactical flashlight would. It has a removable pocket clip which you can use to clip the flashlight inside your pocket, or even to some belts. It comes with a nylon holster, to keep it safe and protected at all times. What else would you expect from Streamlight- makers of the highly regarded and best-selling Streamlight TLR Weapon Light series?

When you need a flashlight, or one of your loved ones does, consider the Streamlight Pro Tactical 2L Flashlight one of your top choices. And be sure to visit Optics Planet for all your flashlight needs!


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