See Which Night Vision Goggle or Scope can be Exported with the International Export Night Vision Page

If you’ve ever wondered what it is that goes bump in the night, you should check out our selection of night vision devices. With a number of different possible uses, night vision binoculars and nv riflescopes are a great tool for hunters, military personnel and those concerned with home security.

As you look through our selection of night vision equipment, you might notice a number of different options that are not available for export outside the U.S. This is because the international export of night vision is regulated by the U.S. government. Depending on the generation of Night Vision you want, either the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) may require a permit or license before allowing the export of the product. In some cases the night vision cannot be exported at all.

The main factor considered by government agencies when determining whether a particular night vision scope is exportable is the generation. The primary difference from one generation to another to the next is the image brightness and resolution, with a far better image in later generations. This difference in quality is reflected in the price and the exportability of the night vision device. For a more complete explanation of how night vision works and the differences in technology for the generations take a look at our Guide on Buying a Night Vision Device. Currently, OpticsPlanet cannot export any fourth generation night vision, and we have to follow strict export rules when shipping second and third generation devices.

To clear up confusion as to which night vision equipment is currently exportable, we’ve set up the International Export Night Vision page, which lists the night vision devices that are currently exportable outside the U.S. Note that these products may still require permits or licenses, so it’s best to read our Export Policy before making your selection. If you have any questions about which night vision scope is right for you, please contact us and one of our product specialists will answer promptly.

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