SHOT Show Media Day Photo Gallery!

As promised, we have a full gallery of SHOT Show Media Day Photos! I know each of you is going to have your favorite pic, but mine has to be of the Gatling Gun! How cool is that gun?  And you know someone put a lot of love into that gun over the years because it’s in great shape.

The KRISS .45 ACP Submachine Gun is also pretty sweet, and it looks like Steve had a lot of fun shooting it.  The Steyr SSG .09 also looks like an amazing gun, which it should be, as it’s a standard issue sniper rifle for the Austrian Army.  No doubt there was a lot of spent brass and everyone had fun.  I know Steve was using a Leupold Scope on at least on of the rifles at the range yesterday, but which rifle scope would you want for each of the different guns?

The Gear Expert Team currently at SHOT Show has a ton more great material that’s going to be coming straight to you in the coming weeks as we bring more exclusive videos and interviews from the show, so stay tuned!

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  1. Francisco Escalante says:

    That great! one day i will have the chance to join an event like that

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