Streamlight ProTac Flashlights from SHOT Show – Super Bright & Handheld!

My last post was about two great new Streamlight Weapon Lights that impressed Steve at SHOT Show this year, but now I want to give you the second part of Steve’s video interview with Streamlight’s Mike Nelson.  This time we have two great handheld lights that combine incredible brightness, durability and light weight.

First up, we see the Streamlight ProTac 2 AAA.  As the name implies, it uses AAA batteries.  There are already great ProTac Flashlight that use AA and Lithium batteries, but the new ProTac 2 AAA is even smaller and lighter, while maintaining the awesome features you’ve come to expect from this great line of flashlights.  It has high and low strobe functions at up to 80 lumens!  That’s a TON of light for such a tiny light that runs on AAA batteries.  As you can see from the video, it’s roughly the size of a pen, and has a sturdy clip to keep it in your pocket.

The other great new Streamlight ProTac flashlight shown at SHOT Show is the ProTac HL.  The HL stands for High Lumen, and it certainly is.  The ProTac HL puts out 600 lumens of LED light!  It uses two Lithium batteries, and will last about an hour and a half at full power!  That is some serious performance.  600 lumens is amazing.  The other cool feature is the way you can program this new Streamlight Flashlight.  As Mike and Steve discuss, different people prefer different strobe options, with some who like high-low, and others who prefer low-high.  The ProTac HL has a one inch tube, so you’ll be able to mount it on a lot of guns as well.  It seems that Streamlight thought of everything with this new entry into the ProTac series.

Be sure to check out the Streamlight ProTac SHOT Show Video above.  Seeing these flashlights in action is AWESOME!

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