Start your Waterfowl Hunting Season Right with Carlson Choke Tubes!

Dependent on where you live, waterfowl hunting seasons are likely starting soon or have already started.  Here in Illinois Teal hunting season has been going on since 9/8 and will end in just a few more days, but Duck, Coot and Merganser Season starts in just about a month.  I was thinking about this, and I realized that many of you need to whip your shotgun into shape for the season!  Sure, a new shotgun scope or sling are smart additions when you’re bird hunting, but choke tubes are really the best way to get ready.

And it’s hard to beat Carlson Choke Tubes.

One of my favorite options from Carlson is their 12 Gauge Waterfowl Choke Tube Set.  This set comes with three different choke tubes to give you the option you need.  There’s a close, mid and long range tube for you to choose from dependent on your situation.  The tighter, denser patterns you get when you shoot your shotgun with a Carson Choke Tube on the end will help you hit your target with greater accuracy at longer distance.  Dependent on the type of bird you’re hunting you’ll be able to set your shotgun up in advance and just carry the extra choke tubes in case you need to make a quick change.  You’ll want the long range tube, which will give a really tight pattern, for turkey hunting, as you don’t want the shot to spread throughout the body of the bird.  The mid range tube is best as an all-around tube, and it’ll probably be your workhorse.  Use it for hunting pheasants or grouse.  The short range tube is going to give you the widest spread, though this will still be tighter than a cylinder bore.  All three are going to give you a better chance at hitting a bird when it appears this hunting season.

Carlson Choke Tubes Knurled

The knurled end on these Carlson Choke Tubes makes them super easy to remove!

Since you have three choke tubes to choose from, one of my favorite features on these is the knurled area around the end.  Look at the picture above.  The knurled part has bumps and grooves to make these choke tubes that much easier to take off.  When you need to switch on the fly you’ll really appreciate this.

There are a number of different options available of the Carlson’s 12 Gauge Waterfowl Choke Tube Set to match your shotgun.  You can find these for sale right now on OpticsPlanet, so get yours and be prepared for waterfowl hunting season!

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    Ok what is new Surefire has been making replacement forearms with lights for year for both Remington and Mossberg, problem is the cost low in being 300.00. You can get a replacement forearm with a rail and attach a 1 inch mount with a tac light a do the same thing. I set up 3 shotguns for what one would cost if I did a surefire replacement forearm.

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