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    Hi, my name is Matt and I am a Gear Aficionado. I like trying out new gear whether it is a bag, a knife, an optic, or a firearm accessory. I want to know exactly what an item can and can't do or whether it's worth recommending or not. My friends may say I have a problem, but that doesn't stop them from asking for my feedback. Hopefully you do too.

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  • Leupold LTO-Tracker: Pocket Sized Efficiency

    Apr 4, 2017 • NewsNo Comments

    While Thermal Imagers continue to become more affordable, they are also becoming more compact and offering greater quality. But with so many options on the market, knowing which item is best suited for your needs can be tough. While most people will tell you...

  • Silynx: The Best Protection and Communication Your Ears Can Get

    Nov 28, 2016 • News, ReviewsNo Comments

    Protecting yourself is a priority in any hobby, activity, or job. Finding a way to do that without interfering with your experience or performance is an ongoing challenge. When it comes to hearing protection, you want to filter out harmful noises without...

  • Bates Footwear: Don’t Ride Without Them

    Sep 7, 2016 • NewsNo Comments

    I’m proud to say I’ve never traded safety for style when riding a motorcycle, but many times have I been guilty of trading comfort for safety. Thanks to Bates Powersports footwear, I no longer need to make that choice. It’s been 10 years in the...

  • Kinetic Development Group (KDG)

    May 25, 2016 • NewsNo Comments

    What is QD   Whether you have one gun or many, the ability to rapidly configure optics and accessories is a desirable feature. Needing to make those changes in the field, without proper tools, is what drives the Quick Disconnect (QD) capability of...

  • Grips: Fine Tune Your Foundation

    May 12, 2016 • ReviewsNo Comments

    Firearm grips, like many “One Size Fits All” designs, tend to be good but not great. Since your grip is one of the fundamentals of shooting, you want it to be great. So what do you do if you love everything about your gun except for the grip? Luckily,...

  • Bring Your Target Out of the Shadows

    Apr 27, 2016 • News, ReviewsNo Comments

    As a general rule, it’s hard to hit what you can’t see. Apply that to shooting disciplines and it becomes “It’s hard and dangerous to try to hit what you can’t see”, which is why I recommend a weapon mounted light for any firearm that could be...

  • Have You Built Out Your Belt?

    Apr 12, 2016 • ReviewsNo Comments

    More often than not, a “good gun belt” is one of the first recommendations that you hear when you start a conversation about beginning to carry, or even when discussing getting a holster in general. It is the “foundation” that you build your setup...

  • Lost the Battle, But Won the Gear War?

    Mar 30, 2016 • ReviewsNo Comments

    It’s not how you stand by your car that matters, it’s how you race it. Regardless if it’s cars, motorcycles, guns, or any other hobby, only the uninitiated are impressed solely by the equipment you own. If you don’t have the skills and training to use...

  • Thermal, So Hot Right Now

    Mar 23, 2016 • ReviewsNo Comments

    Thanks to Hollywood, everyone knows what “Thermal Vision” is right? Thermal Vision is how the Predator always gets his man and it can only be defeated by covering yourself in mud (assuming your name is Dutch). In the real world though, we call it Thermal...

  • These Go To Eleven…I Mean 80

    Mar 16, 2016 • ReviewsNo Comments

      In the 3-gun realm, where speed matters, low end magnification is a bigger concern than high end. 1-4x, 1-6x, and now 1-8x are the top recommended scopes. For long range precision shooting, another fast growing shooting discipline, high end...

  • It’s Not What You Carry, But How

    Mar 9, 2016 • ReviewsNo Comments

      It’s 2016 and there is some form of concealed carry in every state. But while some have been carrying for years and have their favorite gear well broken in, others are just beginning the process. So let’s cover some modern carry options.   OWB...

  • Never Leave Home Without…What?

    Mar 8, 2016 • ReviewsNo Comments

    Too often, the “best tool” for the job ends up being whatever you have on hand at the time. So let’s cover some Every Day Carry items that were at SHOT 2016.   Multitool In my opinion, if you are going to carry one thing, make it a multi tool....