"There’s gold in them thar hills!" And a Garrett Investigator CX Plus Metal Detector can help you find it!

On February 26, 2008, gold dollar prices hit a historic record high of $948.90 per troy ounce. Kind of makes you want to pull a forty-niner, doesn’t it? Well, don’t give up your day job just yet– the stuff isn’t exactly lying around. But what’s the harm in making a hobby of hunting for it in your spare time? You don’t even have to high-tail it to California! The Garrett Investigator CX Plus Ground Search Metal Detector is the best friend of modern-day treasure hunters!
The ultimate all-weather metal detector, the Garrett Investigator CX Plus is the successor to the famous Garrett Master Hunter CX and builds on its predecessor’s superior technology with an All-Metal mode with automatic ground balancing that ensures absolute accuracy regardless of soil conditions! Select specific targets with the Garrett Investigator CX Plus‘s Multi-Range Discrimination mode, and know exactly what you’ve found before you even start to dig with the Investigator CX Plus‘s Graphic Target Analyzer. Even an area littered with metallic trash is no match for this Garrett metal detector; its Target ID Cursor is a pro at identifying precious hidden treasures, and it boasts a more rugged, high visibility LCD than lesser metal detectors which effortlessly reveals the detected target’s identity and conductivity. An 8.5″ Crossfire submersible searchcoil covers a large range with every sweep, so you don’t waste valuable time going over and over the same fruitless patch of ground. A convenient earphone jack is built into the lightweight (3.8 lb.) Investigator CX Plus, and 6 C batteries are included with the machine. Unsurpassable depth detection and reliability even in the face of the toughest operating conditions make the Garrett Investigator CX Plus the only choice for serious treasure hunters! Priceless coins, jewelry, medals and more are out there, hiding under the surface… so grab a Garrett and get going! Who knows what you may find!?

Even an area littered with metallic trash is no match for the Garrett Investigator CX Plus metal detector…”

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