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Serengeti Lamone Sunglasses

The golden fall sun is a marvel to witness, yet a struggle to drive into.  Serengeti sunglasses are the most fashionable answer to this dilemma.  Driving sunglasses aren’t worn just to make a statement; they help protect your vision from deadly glare that will otherwise disrupt your driving.  Serengeti’s Active Cell Technology eliminates eyestrain and fatigue under many driving conditions.  Take a spin on the OpticsPlanet Clearance page and find some designer sunglasses from Serengeti Eyewear that will blow you away!
Heading west after a hard day of work can be even more frustrating without the proper sunglasses or prescription sunglassesSerengeti drivers sunglasses practically control the sun rays, adjusting its internal molecules to lighten or darken as necessary.  Serengeti polarizing technology removes the glare and virtually 100% of UVA and UVB rays.  You will see every yield sign and pedestrian crossing while wearing Serengetti sunglasses like the Serengeti Lamone Sunglasses. These designer polarized sunglasses allow you to experience comfort, clarity, and a better view of the road with a lightweight fit.
OpticsPlanet has loads of specials on our Closeouts and Clearance pages.  Also, check for weekly savings on the Deals of the Week section.  Better yet, receive coupon codes directly to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter.  Serengeti sunglasses are just one of the amazing deals offered on  Find more today!

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