Split Arrows like Robin Hood by Adding the Vortex Crossfire 3X32 Scope to your Bow

Accurate firing with a crossbow can be a challenge. Wind and gravity affect an arrow far more than they affect a bullet, and the increased weight of an arrow limits its range. Because of these challenges, the good folks at Vortex developed a scope that is specially designed for the obstacles that face hunters and shooters using a crossbow.

The Vortex Crossfire 3X32 Riflescope with Illuminated Crossbow Reticle combines the features you’ll need for a great shot with a low price so you get a superior value.
The first thing to note is the illuminated reticle, which makes the Crossfire perfect for hunting in varied lighting conditions, such as dusk and dawn. The reticle is designed specially for crossbows, with a 20 yard zero and holdovers for 30, 40 and 50 yard shots.
But Vortex didn’t stop at providing a great reticle. Crossbows experience a lot of shocks when out hunting, both from being lugged around and from recoil. The beating crossbow scopes take necessitates extra toughness, and the Vortex Crossfire doesn’t disappoint. The one-piece, one-inch tube is made of aircraft-grade aluminium so it can take a lot of punishment without even needing to reset the reticle. Nitrogen filling and O-ring seals ensure the crossbow scope is fog proof and waterproof, and the low capped turrets make the scope less susceptible to damage from bumping it against something when you’re trudging through the woods.
Vortex’s dedication to providing the best value in their rifle scopes has also been put into their crossbow scopes, and the result is a fantastic scope that stands up to stress and gives you all the windage and elevation adjustments you need to make a perfect shot. Visit OpticsPlanet now to see for yourself just how amazing the Vortex Crossfire 3X32 Scope is!

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