Uncle Mike’s Reflex Holsters, Competition Belts and Shotgun Caddy from SHOT Show!

In our second Uncle Mike’s SHOT Show Video we got to take a look at the great new Uncle Mike’s Holster and their new Belt System.  I really like these new designs, and I’m betting a lot of you shooting enthusiasts are eager to try the out!

Uncle Mike’s Reflex Holsters Draw Faster and Smoother than Ever Before!

The Uncle Mike’s Reflex Holster was designed with gross motor movements in mind.  These movements have been learned from early childhood and are, therefore, the most natural to perform.  Many of the best retention systems on holsters have some sort of switch, which is pressed by your thumb or finger.  With enough practice these systems can become second nature, and muscle memory is super important to having a quick draw, but Uncle Mike’s wants to make it easier to draw by making the motion more natural.  Most of us think of drawing a pistol as a smooth motion, by simply grabbing the grip and pulling up.  Pressing a button or flipping a thumb snap adds a second to this draw that could make a big difference in some situations.  The Uncle Mike’s Reflex Holster doesn’t have a button to press.  You simply make a very slight twist on the handle and pull naturally.

You can see this in action in the video, and it looks incredibly easy.  I’m betting the Reflex Holster is going to be very popular in 2012.

Comfort to the Extreme with the Uncle Mike’s Competition Belt System

Uncle Mike’s Belts are already fantastic, with a wide variety of uses and plenty of versatility for hunters, police officers and competition shooters.  But one thing many shooters would prefer is a more comfortable belt.  Uncle Mike’s have heard this feedback, which is why their new Competition Belt System focuses on comfort.  As you go from one stage to another in competition with three guns on your hip, there’s going to be a lot of shifting equipment that can get uncomfortable and affect your focus and performance.  This new belt from Uncle Mike’s is foam padded all the way around, with MOLLE webbing for extra room for carrying your gear.  I really like how the MOLLE webbing allows you to place your gear where you prefer, which should help enhance your performance in competition!

Liam also quickly shows off the new Uncle Mike’s Shotgun Shell Caddy, which fits perfectly with the new belt, and is compatible with a number of different systems.  Very cool stuff.  Take a look at all this great new gear in our second Uncle Mike’s SHOT Show Video!

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