Steiner Police Binoculars will give you a Better View!!!

I just read a news report that really highlights the difference between various binoculars.  In the article, a man and woman were siphoning gas out of commercial trucks at night.  I suppose the exorbitant cost of gas these days drove them to the act, but they thought that the cover of darkness would protect them.  Quite a bit of gas was stolen by the pair over the course of a few days, and though security cameras could see the couple, the image was not clear enough to catch them.

The man crept into the parking lot between the trucks, which provided just enough darkness to fool the cameras.  The woman kept a lookout at their car.

What they didn’t expect was a police officer to be monitoring the area with a high quality pair of police binoculars.  The article didn’t say what type of binoculars they were, but I’d bet they were similar to the Steiner 10x50mm Police Binoculars.  In addition to their incredible toughness and waterproofing (which is an absolute must-have for any tactical purpose) these fantastic binoculars have large 50mm objective lenses, which make them very bright.  The larger the objective lens, the more light is gathered, and this translates to more detail in  low light situations.  With smaller objective lenses I doubt the police officer would have been able to see well enough to identify the thief.

Steiner Police Binoculars

The Steiner 10X50 Police Binocular

What’s really funny about this is that the woman waiting in the car had a pair of binoculars as well, but she was not able to see the police officer.  Again, I don’t know what kind of binoculars she was using, but I bet she didn’t invest in quality optics like Steiner Police Binoculars.

We carry a wide variety of Steiner binoculars at OpticsPlanet that are specially designed for various purposes, from hunting and birding to police and military use.  As this particular news article shows, it’s always important to get the right optic for your needs.  A large objective lens and powerful magnification will really help you find what you’re seeking, whether it’s a rare bird, elusive game or a pair of thieves hoping to save money on their gasoline.  Find the perfect binocular for you by checking out our Steiner selection.

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