The NightForce ATACR AMAZES at SHOT Show, Plus a Giveaway!

Nightforce‘s booth featured quite a few new rifle scopes. The ATACR (Advancted Tactical Rifle Scope) 5-25×56 really impressed. Nightforce has packed the scope with ED Glass for super visibility and clarity, and the lowest power of 5x is going to give you about an 18ft FOV at 100 yards, meaning this scope is as close to all-purpose as it gets. Nightforce’s goal with this scope was to provide something that meets a hunter’s need while still being a military sniper scope. You’ll be able to use this scope at the range, out varmint hunting, big game – pretty much anywhere you want to be. It should be available by the end of January 2013 and retail around $2000-$2500.

We’ve heard discussion about this product since details came out a few years ago, and it looks like this is the year it finally arrives! The Nightforce B.E.A.S.T. (an anagram for Best Example of Advanced Scope Technology – clever!) is a 5-25×56 FFP (first focal plane) rifle scope with a 34mm tube. The turrets offer impressive elevation controls, and the new XtremeSpeed adjustments are designed to allow you to quickly and precisely calibrate your scope in the field. This scope is projected to be available between May and June 2013 and retail around $3400.

The NightForce Beast

The NightForce Beast is, well, a BEAST!

Finally, we got a chance to check out the Nightforce Competition 15-55×52 Rifle Scope. As you might expect, it’s a competition/benchrest rifle scope. Packing ED glass and extreme high power magnification, this rifle scope looks to be a serious contender in the high-end target shooter market. These scopes will launch with two new reticle options – the CTR-1 which is non-illuminated and has fine .016 MOA crosshairs and .125 MOA center dot. The second option is the DDR, a non-illuminated double dot reticle with a .125 MOA center dot.

Nightforce is also launching new reticles for other scopes in 2013, including the Mil-R (Mil-Radian Reticle) which you’ll find on both the Nightforce ATACR and the B.E.A.S.T rifle scopes. You’ll find whole, half, .2 and .1 Mil-Radian increments on this reticle for extremely accurate hold-offs.

A NightForce Rifle Scope is a thing of Beauty

A NightForce Rifle Scope is a thing of Beauty

But you know what?  We’re too excited about these new scopes from NightForce to just tell you about them and show you some pictures and video.  We thought, “Why not give one away?”

And that’s EXACTLY what we’re doing.  The contest is already live, so if you head over to the OpticsPlanet Facebook page click the tab at the top of the page (or click here to go directly to the entry tab) and you can enter for your chance to win the new NightForce ATACR Rifle Scope!  That’s a $2400 Scope! AND you can get it before ANYONE else has a chance to even buy it!  How sweet is that deal?  And that’s just the first of our giveaways.  We also have gear from Streamlight, Nikon, EOTech and Crimson Trace, with new giveaways starting each day of SHOT Show through Saturday, so keep coming back to our Facebook Page for more chances to win!!!

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