Behind the Ear for Phenomenal Sound by Pro-Ears!

Keeping your eyes and ears open is one of the surest ways to keep safe.  No matter if you’re on the shooting range, hunting trail or walking down a busy city street, when your eyes and ears are open you’ll have a better chance at avoiding disaster.  I’ve written before about quality eyewear, in both professional settings and in everyday life, so I want to focus more on hearing enhancement and protection today.

Pro Hear BTE

The Pro Hear BTE is hardly noticeable and provides fantastic sound!

Pro-Ears is a leader in the hearing enhancement industry, and their Pro Hear line is an excellent way to boost your ear’s performance.  There are three different models in the Pro Hear line, and they all amplify sound in a smart way.  They won’t just blast any old sound into your ear drums.  That’s not going to be very useful.  You need to make sure you’re hearing everything, and that means cutting through the white noise of everyday life.  Like many of you, I love hitting the hiking or hunting trails because of the peaceful quiet, but even miles from civilization there’s noise that you need to decipher.  If you’re hunting you need to make sure you can hear the right sounds without distractions.  Rather than amplifying everything, the Pro Hear line balances out the sounds you hear, enabling you to hear the little sounds, like a deer stepping on a leaf, as easily as you hear a gunshot.  But at the same time, it doesn’t blast the loud report from a gunshot straight into your ear.

That’s smart design.

Pro Hear Kit

The Pro Hear comes with a case, cleaning tool, battery, foam tips for superior fit, and ear plug!

The aesthetic of the Pro Hear is also pretty sharp, with a color, weight and size that’ll go unnoticed.  I don’t mind people seeing me with hearing enhancement when I’m on the trail, but these can be really helpful in city environments too, and in those situations I don’t want people noticing my hearing enhancer.  The small form factor and behind the ear design really keep the Pro Hear out of sight.

I do want to point out that there are a couple different models of the Pro Hear, so you should pick the one that’s best for you.  The Pro Hear II is the first to take a look at, and it gives you the phenomenal hearing enhancement with a fairly minimal form factor, but when you move up into the Pro Hear II+ you’ll get a little more adjustability.  When combined with three layer noise reduction you get more clarity in amplification while also getting better feedback cancellation.  This means you won’t have to deal with much background noise, leaving just the important stuff that you really do want to hear.

Pro Hear Behind the Ear Amplification

Check out how smalle the Pro Hear Behind the Ear Amplification is!

The top of the line Pro Hear IV is lighter for greater comfort, and the technology is the most advanced of all, with built-in presets for memory.  If you like one setting on the hunting trail and another when walking around the city, the Pro Hear IV makes it easy to recall a prior setting.

Your hearing is going to keep you safe and successful on your next hunt.  Make sure you hear exactly what you need with a new Pro-Ears Pro Hear Behind the Ear Amplification Device.

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