Yukon Ranger 5×42 Digital Night Vision- Best Buy Under $500

I recently attended a night vision training class here at Optics Planet taught by one of our brilliant product specialists. The training classes we have at Optics Planet, designed to get everyone at the company more familiar with the 100,000+ products we carry, are a great opportunity to learn about the technology behind the products we sell, and get a hands-on chance to try out different products. In recent months, we’ve had a class on holsters, rifle scopes, red dot sights, laser sights, AR-15 and AR-15 accessories, flashlights, scope mounts, rings, and bases and prescription sunglasses. Everyone working here at Optics Planet really looks forward to these classes- they are always interesting and more important the stuff we sell is so cool that any chance to get hands-on with products is always a good time.

At night vision device training, I got a chance to try out all kinds of NVDs, ranging from Gen 1 through Gen 4, digital and non-digital, binoculars, monoculars and bi-oculars. I have to say, after trying them all, I came out seriously impressed by the Yukon Digital Night Vision Ranger 5×42. For under $400, the power and clarity associated with this night vision monocular is really amazing. I got a chance to compare it heads-up vs. Gen 2 night vision goggles and I couldn’t perceive any difference… except for the price tag.

The Yukon Digital Ranger uses digital technology to amplify light. One great thing about it being digital is that you won’t experience burn-in if your device is exposed to too much light. While you should always careful store your NVD during the day, it is nice to know that you aren’t risking seriously damaging your unit if you forget to cover it up.

Yukon Night Vision has been gaining in popularity in the past few years, and the Yukon Digital Ranger proudly won the award for Best Night Vision Under $500 in the 2009 Optics Planet Brilliance Awards. One of our product specialists took the Digital Ranger 5×42 out into the field a few weeks ago and was able to spot a raccoon 125 yards away under good ambient conditions. That’s nearly unheard of for a Gen 1 unit!

The really great design aspect for the Yukon Digital Night Vision Ranger 5×42 is that while it is a monocular, it is designed like a binocular. You may wonder- if it is a monocular, and you are only using one eye to look through it, why does it look like a binocular? Well, that second tube is actually a high-powered IR emitter. When there isn’t much ambient light out (because it’s a cloudy night, or it’s a new moon phase, or what have you) your night visiondepends on infrared light in order to work. The powerful NVIR emitter in the Yukon Ranger Night Vision Monocular really makes it a serious choice for budget night vision. With 5x magnification, this unit is great for spotting with clear, bright images that will really surprise you considering how low the price for this unit is.

When you are looking for night vision there is no other place to shop other than Optics Planet, the top online store for night vision devices!

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