For a Tough but Versatile Tactical Vest, Check out the 5.11 VTAC LBE

So you’re looking for a load-bearing vest; you want it to be light-weight but still durable, with enough pouches located in all the right places for your accessories, the perfect fit, great ventilation, and to top it off a reasonable price. After assessing your criteria you’re probably thinking that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. WRONG! Say hello to 5.11 VTAC LBE Vest.

The 5.11 VTAC Vest is one of our top sellers for good reason. It is designed for practicality, durability, and to be completely customizable. Whether you are in law enforcement, the military, or just want to have an equipped tactical vest in case of an emergency you can configure the VTAC Vest to your specifications. It features the MOLLE attachment system with straps covering the front and back so that you can place your magazine carriers, medical pouches, and holsters wherever you want. Unlike other tactical vests with pre-placed pouches that can get in the way of your shooting, you can mount things on the LBE exactly where and how you like it.

5.11 VTAC LBE Tactical Vest is made of ballistic nylon mesh so it’s not only durable and light weight, but provides much needed ventilation which is vital when working in warm conditions. At OpticsPlanet, we offer three sizes: regular, 2XL, and 4XL and the vests come with additional straps that can adjust girth and length. The straps come in handy when you’re in the cold and need to layer up because you can loosen or tighten the straps so it can fit comfortably.

As if you needed any more reason to get this vest, 5.11 Tactical also included an inside drag handle, hidden pockets on both sides, Velcro straps on the side and back of the vest for identification tags, and a pouch on the back for a hydration pack.

You can tell that the designers put a lot of time and thought into creating the 5.11 VTAC LBE Molle Vest. They were able to integrate all that you might want into one vest at an extremely affordable price. Take a look today!

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