The Streamlight Clipmate Flashlight: Power and Versatility in a Small Package!

I love checking out the various Streamlight flashlights we have available in our store. There are options for just about every possible activity, and each one has the awesome quality found in all Streamlight products!

While hunters, police officers and firefighters can all find something specially designed for them, I’m a more casual flashlight user. I don’t run into a lot of burning buildings, but I do find myself fumbling around in the dark more often than I’d like, and I need a light close at hand that I can always find, which is why I love the Streamlight Clipmate. As the name implies, the Clipmate has a clip on the back which will attach to a wide variety of surfaces. I clip mine to my bed’s headboard. My lamp is a bit out of reach, and when the power goes out it’s nice to have a light nearby in the same place all the time so that I can find it. My Clipmate doesn’t have to take up the minimal table space I have next to my bed, and I can always count on it to give me great light.

The Streamlight Clipmate Flashlight is also pretty versatile in its uses. Because of how lightweight it is (only 2.4 ounces), this tiny flashlight can clip to a baseball cap to act as a headlamp, and there’s an included headband if you don’t want to use a hat!

The LED light is visible up to a mile away, so it’s pretty bright, and there are two color options available for the LEDs, white or green, so you can pick which is best for you. Not bad for a light small enough to fit in your pocket.

The Clipmate flashlight uses 3 AAA batteries, which I prefer to specialized lithium batteries because I always have a few AAAs laying around. But the battery type doesn’t mean you’ll have low battery life. The Clipmate will give you up to 40 hours of runtime!

I use my Streamlight Clipmate around the house for everyday purposes, but hunters love the camoflauge version, as it clips easily to their belt and gives them a great compact option when they’re out hunting.

Regardless of your needs, Streamlight has a flashlight that will exceed your expectations. Check them out at OpticsPlanet today!

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