SureFire Wristlight, MVG, X400-GN, M900L & More from SHOT Show!

Wow.  There were a LOT of great new lights from SureFire at SHOT Show this year.  Alessandro spoke with Ron Canfield from SureFire about all these great new products, and I don’t want to steal their thunder, because these lights need to be seen.

As just a quick run through here are the sweet flashlights you’ll see in the video above:

SureFire WristLight: A wrist-mounted tactical light that will work really well with a natural draw.  These are still being developed, so what you see in the video is a prototype and it is still amazing!

SureFire R1 LAWMAN: A rechargeable handheld flashlight with a momentary on tail switch and a constant on barrel switch.  There are a number of different functions too, so you’ll get a lot of great use out of this fantastic light.

SureFire X400 GN: This new weapon light will still fit in your holster and it has a green laser which is slightly bluer than most green lasers, which makes it a lot easier to see and won’t draw your eye in too much, keeping you focused on your target rather than the laser.

SureFire M900L:  A new version of SureFire’s popular fore grip light.  There will be 2 version available, one with 500 lumens of light, the other with 700!  That’s a really powerful light, and it’s super durable for withstanding loads of recoil!

SureFire M300V: Another weapon light, the M300V is a variant of the mini scout light, and it has IR functionality too, so you can customize the performance for your needs!

SureFire MVG 1: MVG stands for Monster Vertical Grip, and this sucker sure is big.  Intended for use on heavy machine guns, and it will give you a whooping 2000 lumens of light!  You have to see this awesome SureFire Weaponlight in action!  It’s really impressive.

SureFire Annihilator: A similar model to the MVG, the SureFire Annihilator will also give 2000 lumens of light, but it has an extended body and you can see it mounted on a BIG machine gun.

SureFire HELLFIGHTER 4 : This was developed for SOCOM, and it has an IR filter and lens cap to protect the lens and light, and it will give you 3000 LUMENS of light!  And what’s even cooler is it uses an LED light, so it’s super durable and lasts a long time!

You HAVE to check out this SureFire SHOT Show Video to get a really good idea of these awesome new flashlights from SureFire!

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